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It’s that time again in August 2024! One of the largest international sporting events will take place in the Netherlands on August 23, 24 and 25, 2024. Many racing fans will be on the edge of their seats during the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix, enjoying a spectacular race and the best DJs and artists in the Netherlands. We want to give those fans the ultimate racing experience from leaving for the track to returning home.

And you can contribute to this, because without volunteers organizing the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix is ​​not possible! As a DGP Eventmaker you are part of the Ultimate Race Festival and you can give all those visitors an unforgettable day! All DGP EventMakers register via EventMakers: the national platform for volunteers in sporting events. DGP EventMakers create the event, you are in pole position for us!

What do you get from us?

Volunteers make the event! Because EventMakers are very important to us, we guarantee that you will be well taken care of. We do this in the following ways:

  • You will meet many new people and get a unique look behind the scenes of a mega event;
  • You will receive a clothing package in the style of the event;
  • You get good food and drink during your shift times;
  • We organize (online) information and introductory meeting(s) in which we provide you with all event and position-specific information.
  • We organize a kick-off at a cool location in the weeks leading up to the event.
  • We organize a DGP EventMakers drink after the event.
  • Volunteers of the Dutch Grand Prix are allowed to spend the night at the official Dutch Grand Prix Crew Camping. The campsite is within walking distance of the circuit on the adjacent football fields.
  • Volunteers of the Dutch Grand Prix are allowed to take a look at the event site before and/or after their shift.
  • Due to a 100% visitor occupancy, volunteers cannot take a seat in the stands.

What do we ask of you?

  • The condition is that you are available for the entire weekend, so at least from August 23 to 25, 2024. You will ultimately be scheduled for one shift per day;
  • In any case, you master the Dutch and/or English language;
  • You agree to the volunteer agreement;
  • You are hospitable, enthusiastic and motivated to do volunteer work;
  • You are at least 18 years old on August 22, 2024  ;
  • You ensure that you can always be there on time for your (possibly very early) shift. Please note that all kinds of traffic measures are in force in Zandvoort and the surrounding area. You should therefore carefully consider your means of transport and any additional travel time in advance. We strongly recommend using the crew campsite, train or bicycle.
  • To prevent people from abusing their accreditation, we work with strict attendance checks and a registration system.
  • Travel expenses are not reimbursed, you are prepared to bear these costs yourself. There is no volunteer compensation.


During the Formula 1 Dutch Grand Prix, DGP EventMakers are assigned to various positions. The different functions are shown below. A description of the tasks and activities is given for each position. In the registration form you choose your first three preferred functions. Read this carefully before you register. Competition technical positions/officials have been recruited separately via the Circuit Zandvoort.


During the F1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix, 110,000 visitors per day travel to Zandvoort to experience a unique day at the circuit. The first point of contact at the circuit are the entrance gates where we need many enthusiastic volunteers to give all visitors access to the circuit. As a Ticketing volunteer you will help with everything related to this access control for regular fans and special guests. You scan the tickets at one of the entrance gates or you work at one of the grandstand entrances where you check the tickets. As DGP EventMaker Ticketing you are hospitable, helpful and enthusiastic. You can give a warm welcome to visitors like the best, but you are also not afraid to stop someone where necessary. Please note that in this position you must be able to stand for a long time and are intended for busy periods.

We ask all EventMakers in this position to read carefully about the event and the peripheral issues. We therefore ask you to carefully read the briefings with details and exceptions in advance.  

Requested availability: August 23 to 25, 2024


Hospitality is of paramount importance at the Dutch Grand Prix. Within this team you ensure that partners and other guests receive a personal, professional and warm welcome. You welcome them hospitably and are available for questions. You can be deployed as a host or hostess in one of the VIP Hospitality areas or at Center Parcs in Zandvoort. You are service-oriented, have good communication skills and master the Dutch and English language. Within this team we are looking for young people who have experience in the hospitality world.

Requested availability: August 22 to 25, 2024


The Visitor Services team is indispensable at this event. This team is responsible for managing visitor flows to and from the circuit and visitor flows within the event site itself. As a DGP EventMaker within this team, you have an informative and enthusiastic role; visitors can come to you if they have questions about the event, want to know where the stands are, what the program looks like, etc. All visitors should feel more than welcome and you contribute to this. You will be deployed at various information points inside and outside the event site or act as a referrer. As a referrer, you stand with both feet on the ground or you sit at a height on a referee’s chair to entertain the visitors. As a visitor services volunteer, you are hospitable, helpful and enthusiastic. You always know how to throw a party and want to do everything you can to give visitors a unique experience.

We ask all EventMakers in this position to read carefully about the event and the peripheral issues. We therefore ask you to carefully read the briefings with details and exceptions in advance.  

Requested availability: August 23 to 25, 2024


Event Maker Services 

The EventMakers Services team creates all the preconditions for the DGP EventMakers and ensures that they all have the time of their lives! You help with all matters surrounding volunteer management. There will be an EventMakers home on site where volunteers gather before their shift, pick up their breakfast or lunch packages, and can always go for questions or, for example, to socialize with fellow volunteers. This is the base for all DGP EventMakers. You are the point of contact here, man the volunteer desk, and support EventMakers colleagues with all matters surrounding the 1500 DGP EventMakers. It is therefore useful if you can handle a computer well. This team also includes all-round DGP EventMakers.


As an all-round EventMaker, you can be deployed in all positions and you enjoy helping where hands are needed at that moment. In the early morning, you and your team will provide all fellow volunteers with a delicious cup of coffee or tea. For the rest of the day you can be deployed where necessary, colleagues from the DGP will contact this team as soon as a position needs to be filled somewhere on or off the site. Within this position you are flexible, you have a positive attitude and you have good communication skills. Some volunteers within this team were deployed earlier that week.

Back office

Within this position you support colleagues from Team EventMakers with the registration system for volunteers. All DGP EventMakers report to their coordinator for their shift and check in online. From the EventMakers Home, you can monitor who has checked in per function behind your laptop. Someone hasn’t checked in? Then you call the person and/or coordinator in question to find out what is going on. Where necessary, block his or her accreditation if he or she does not show up for the shift. Are you good with computers, are you not afraid to pick up the phone and do you work in a structured way? Then we could really use your help within this team!

Requested availability: August 22 to 25, 2024


The entertainment team is responsible for all entertainment activities within the site. In addition to the races themselves, many activities are organized in the fan zone and on the track and stands, which contributes to the total fan experience of visitors to the F1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix. Within this team you will be deployed, among other things, for activations in the stands or in the fan zone. You can be deployed as a runner, entertainer in stands or as support in the backstage area. Within this team you are enthusiastic, you are not afraid to approach people and you know how to turn every situation into a party.

Requested availability: August 22 to 25, 2024


Within the Camping team you will support all activities at the campsite. You can be deployed at the reception where all visitors check in, where they can ask questions, where they can rent a safe, etc. You can also be deployed at the influx of all visitors to the campsite or you work at the entrance. The Crew campsite is located next to the circuit and opens its doors on Wednesday, August 23, which is why we are eliminating availability from Wednesday. The Official 538 DGP Village opens its doors on Thursday, August 24.

Because the last guests arrive on Friday, you will probably have an all-round role at the circuit on Saturday and Sunday.

Within this team you are hospitable, enthusiastic and you provide the best possible overnight stay for racing fans and/or crew.

Requested availability: August 21 to 26, 2024 


Within the Crew Catering position you become part of the Crewfood team. Crewfood is a company that provides crew catering for large events and festivals. They provide fresh products for the entire Dutch Grand Prix crew, from the project team to grandstand builders, catering staff and volunteers. There is of course a lot to do regarding catering. You will help behind the buffets, scan catering belts, keep the crew café in order or be location head for one of the areas where the project team works. You maintain the coffee machines, keep the tables and buffets tidy and who knows, we might also need help in the kitchen with cutting, lubricating or tidying up. Within this position you are hospitable, friendly and create important conditions for the entire crew. Because the crew is present all week, we request availability from Monday and even the work beforehand if possible.

Requested availability: August 19  to 25, 2024


It may of course be the case that all functions seem fun to you. Then indicate that you have no preference in your first preferred position.

Requested availability: August 23 to 25, 2024


As an official Event Supporter of the Formula 1 Heineken Dutch Grand Prix, VolkerWessels supports the DGP EventMakers. As diverse as the tasks of the many different volunteers are in the run-up to and during the Dutch Grand Prix, the work that employees carry out within VolkerWessels is also diverse. Our 17,000 specialists form one strong team that creates living environments every day in which future generations can live and work healthily and happily. They can proudly say: we are creating the future, that is what we are doing now. That is what VolkerWessels stands for and that is why we support the DGP EventMakers with great enthusiasm!

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