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About Us


Rachel, (18 years old), comes from a house full of Formula 1 addicts. She started watching from an early age and her passion for the sport continues to grow to this day. She’s always loved maths and science and one day when she was around 12 years old, she had the realisation that she could take those skills and work in the industry she loves. Her dream of working as an engineer in Formula 1 was born.

She began to spend her spare time researching famous F1 employees like Adrian Newey, to find out what path they took to get to where they are today. She wanted to know what subjects they took at school, what A Levels they studied, and which University they went to, but there was nothing online that helped her easily understand what she had to do to get the job of her dreams.

Rachel has vowed to make it easier for others to not only see that it’s possible to work in this industry and that it’s not a career that’s ridiculously out of reach, but to show and share the career paths of other people already doing it. She has created a resource that helps people just like her to see a career within Formula 1 is achievable, with tips about important aspects such as building your CV up with targeted work experience, as well as information from highly regarded people already working within F1.

Rachel thinks that anyone can work in the industry if they really want it, they just have to take what subjects they’re passionate about, and then find out how those subjects are used within that industry. Rachel hopes her struggle to find information will now benefit others looking to move into this exciting and fast-paced industry.

Louise could see that Rachel, from an early age, had a real passion for Formula 1. She witnessed Rachel make the link from the subjects she really enjoyed (maths and science) to the industry she loved. She would watch Rachel spending hours on the computer night after night, researching the different jobs that she could do that would utilise her skills. She would send away for University material and research key players within F1 to see how they made it, and what subjects they took.

She tried to help Rachel figure out her study path but again, a lack of information made it tough; there was no easy access to anyone in the industry and the career advisors we spoke to had no idea about the world of motorsport.  Frustrated by her own experiences, Louise is now helping Rachel to create Formula Careers so that together they can share everything they have learned, and create a platform to inspire others to believe in themselves and follow their dreams too.

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