Learning Hub

The Learning Hub is designed to help you maximise your chances of achieving your dream job in Formula 1.  Make sure you come back regularly to make the most of the information in the Hub, be inspired, and stay the right track.

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Work Experience

Learn all about work experience – what it is, why it’s important, and how to get it.

CV Building

Learn the principles behind a CV and how to build an amazing one, even if you don’t yet have a job!  The earlier you start to build it, the better!

Revision Techniques

Revision comes easy to some and is a struggle for others.  We share our top tips for revision techniques, share inspiration to keep you motivated and help get you through the tough exam season.


Understand the benefits of this great networking platform, learn how to make the best contacts and how to get the most out of it now so you’ll benefit from it in the future.

FIA Girls on Track

FIA Girls on Track aims to encourage more girls into the industry.

F1TM in Schools

F1 in Schools is a remarkable platform for school children aged 9 to 19yrs of age, and gives a first taste of life in the motorsport industry.  This STEM competition which involves manufacturing a miniature car, is lots of fun and great experience.

Formula Student

Formula Student is a student engineering competition that’s held every year between students from all over the world.  They come together to race a car that they’ve designed, built and tested.

Societies, Scholarships and Bursaries

There are a variety of societies, scholarships and bursaries that may be available to you.  These can help improve industry knowledge and give some really good experience.  We try to list as many as we can in one place to give you the best opportunity moving forward.

Daily Focus

Work life may still seems like years away, but there are still little steps you can take today that your future self will thank you for:


  • Catch up on the latest industry news
  • Research the latest developments
  • Research new LinkedIn contacts
  • Write a diary of the information you learn/things you find interesting
  • Read something motivational
  • Visit our inspiration page
  • Perform a random act of kindness
  • Believe in yourself a little more than you did yesterday
  • Do something that makes you smile 🙂