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Scuderia AlphaTauri is looking for innovative and academically excellent students who share our passion for making the race car go faster to join our Aerodynamics department in the UK. Regardless of your specialty across STEM areas, you will be directly involved in the performance of the current race car.

Areas that play to your strengths

All the responsibilities we’ll trust you with:


  • Analysis of Computational Fluid Dynamic and Wind Tunnel simulations;

    Deliver concise and insightful reports to colleagues, driving development direction;

    Produce precise surfaces in CAD;

    Ensure thorough and experimentally sound test plans are delivered to those in the Wind Tunnel.


  • Improve the efficiency of the CFD throughput;

    CFD code programming;

    CFD software benchmarking;

    Activities to improve CFD correlation with Wind Tunnel and track;

    Support users with the CFD tools for Aerodynamic Development.


  • Work with our engineers and tools to improve on our current data processing, analysis and correlation methods;

    Introduce the latest processes to our analysis and modelling techniques to allow more consistent and accurate conclusions to be drawn from complex datasets;

    Produce precise and reliable software tools to allow users to interrogate data in a concise manner, providing reliable results.


  • Maintenance, analysis and development relating to Wind Tunnel Tyres.

    Use, maintain and develop model instrumentation and electromechanical systems.

    Analysis of Wind Tunnel/model data.

    Investigation and troubleshooting issues.


  • Participate fully in all team meetings, sharing knowledge with the team and wider department;

    Create well-documented production code in languages such as C Sharp, Python and Matlab;

    Work on next generation tools and concepts, developing and implementing innovative ways of interacting and visualising data using the latest web-based technologies;

    Support and debug internally and externally reported issues, targeting optimal performance of applications at all times.


  • Create robust parametric CAD surface models based on requests from Aerodynamic Designers;

    Develop improved methods to surface complex areas;

    Check and confirm surfaces comply with the sport’s technical regulations;

    Assist with preparation of transferring surfaces from design to the race car;

    Ensure the baseline file is kept up to date for related workflows.


  • Create robust parametric CAD models, using both surface and solid body reference geometry, ready for building into Wind Tunnel model components;

    Generate component and assembly drawings that include clear and concise communication of tolerances and assembly processes;

    Optimise component designs around packaging constraints and their performance under load;

    Complete FEA simulations on components tested in the Wind Tunnel;

    Conduct lab tests to prove out designs;

    Take on larger scale design projects as part of a small team.



    Your areas of knowledge and expertise

    that matter most for this role:

    • Be at least 1 year into your undergraduate degree;
    • Focused on achieving excellence within a fast-paced team environment;
    • Creativity and innovation;
    • Capability of working to deadlines.
    • Working towards a relevant technical degree, such as AeroSpace, MechEng, CompSci etc.; On track for a 1st or high 2:1.
    • Fluency in English.



    Got what it takes?

    In your application we want to see your personal style – what makes you tick and why you think your next opportunity is here with us.

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