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Our army of over 700 volunteers ensure that events at Silverstone run smoothly and safely. Whether it’s Grand Prix or club-level meetings, marshals are an essential part of the pits, paddock and trackside team and we’re always looking for volunteers.

Our Race Marshals are a friendly community of dedicated fans from all around the UK, who are trained to the highest standard, committed to ensuring safety wherever they are posted on the circuit.

As a Race Marshal you’ll play an essential part in the safety of all of our motorsport events from the pits and paddock to trackside – every part of your role contributes to the overall efficiency, success and safety of the event.

If you’re a passionate and alert race enthusiast there’s no greater way of being in the thick of the action.



Training is an essential part of your development as a marshal, both in terms of refining key skills and enabling you to progress through our grading scheme.

These training sessions are a combination of classroom and practical sessions designed to guide you through the basics of marshalling and continue your marshalling career as your skills and experience grow.

Please be aware that to Marshal at the Formula 1 British Grand Prix you would need to graduate from a Registered Marshal, to a Level 1 Registered Marshal which usually takes about 3 years depending on the number of days you marshal per year – you then apply to a selection committee. British Grand Prix MotoGP and British Superbikes also have a requirement for bike marshalling experience and for you to attend a specialist bike training day. Bike and car events are run by two different governing bodies therefore the requirements and training are different.



Once you’ve completed your training, you would usually start as a track based marshal to learn basic track-craft skills (including fire fighting). Once you have experience and relevant training, the following roles will be available to you.

  • Incident marshalling – dealing with incidents and safety rapidly.
  • Flag marshalling – communicating risk, hazards, etc, quickly and efficiently to drivers.
  • Assembly/Paddock – ensuring the correct drivers get safely and efficiently out on the circuit to practice/race.
  • Start-line – ensuring the safety of the grid and correct positioning of cars.
  • Plus many others – Rescue, Recovery, Pits, etc – All of these roles are key to run a safe and efficient race meeting – and covered by volunteer marshals!



If you would like to join the Silverstone Marshals Team no previous experience is necessary, all we ask is that:

  • You are over the age of 18
  • You are willing to listen and learn as live circuits are dangerous
  • You are fit and healthy

01) In order to volunteer as a Marshal, you must create an account with Motorsport UK who are the governing body of motorsport in the UK. Click here.

02) You will then need to complete a short training course via the ‘Learning Hub’ area, which can be accessed after registering. Once the training module is complete, you can make an online application for the new ‘Registered Marshal’ grade. You will then become a licensed marshal and will be able to act as a Registered Marshal at any motorsport event.

Please note, we will be unable to progress with your enquiry until you have completed the mandatory training with Motorsport UK and sent us your certificate of completion. When you have your certificate, you can then send this to us at

To apply for this job please visit