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For many fans of Formula One, the sport exists between lights and chequered flag on a Sunday afternoon. It begins and ends with the exploits of the drivers on the track. But this is merely the tip of the spear. The reality of modern F1 is that of a complex and intertwined operation, every part of which needs to perform near its limit if success is to be achieved. From the pit crew searching for the ultimate repeatable pit stop, to the inspiration of the designers, the application of engineers and the herculean efforts of an army of fabricators and machinists. Much of our success is thanks to the diversity of thought and spectrum of skill sets held within the team, our ability to recognise unique contributions from individual team members is just a part of why we love what we do.

Job Description

Motorsport is the world’s most competitive engineering sector.  At the pinnacle of motorsport, Formula One teams get to test their engineering prowess race by race against ultra-competitive peers in front of an audience measured in the hundreds of millions.


Team spirit is the foundation of everything we do, with every person making a vital contribution to the development and racing of our Formula One cars.  The work is not only demanding but the pace of development so fast that your feet will barely touch the ground – but job satisfaction really does not get any better than the feeling of making a real contribution to a grand prix-winning car.


Red Bull Technology are offering a variety of 12-month student Placement positions within our Aerodynamics Department.


Aerodynamics Development

  • Analysis and reporting of aerodynamics data from the wind tunnel, CFD and track
  • Contribute to the aerodynamic design of the car
  • Preparation and running of CFD models
  • Planning and operational support of wind tunnel programs in our wind tunnel facility
  • Support the documentation of Red Bull Technology design, testing and analysis techniques
  • Develop problem solving and communication skills through working closely with fellow engineers


Aerodynamics Systems

  • Creating new systems and techniques for the wind tunnel, CFD and track environments as well as the associated test rigs
  • Working with state-of-the-art technologies to help further the understanding of Formula One racing car aerodynamics
  • Offering support for in-house tools and software systems used in the Aerodynamics Department
  • Develop problem solving and communication skills through working closely with aerodynamics, software, mechanical and electronics engineers


Aerodynamics Model Design

  • To design accurate and structurally sound aerodynamic components appropriate for F1 wind tunnel testing.
  • Contribute to the continued improvement and development of the design group – which could entail new technical approaches, materials, and practices.
  • Operational support of wind tunnel test programs in the Red Bull Technology wind tunnel facility
  • Develop problem solving and communication skills through working closely with design engineers, aerodynamicists, and production staff.


Aerodynamics Performance and Analysis

  • To analyse and report aerodynamic and performance data from the track, wind tunnel and CFD.
  • To be actively involved in accessing, integrating, and developing novel aerodynamic measurement technologies.
  • To define off-body flow measurement requirements on track and in the wind tunnel, assisting the model shop with their manufacture and setup, and analysing and reporting the results as required.
  • To support the Aero Performance Group at race and test events in order to inform decision-making and enable fast reporting of the results with relevant context.
  • To develop problem solving and communication skills through working closely with fellow engineers.
  • To support the documentation of Red Bull Technology testing and analysis techniques.


CFD Tools & Methods

  • Further develop and maintain commercial and in-house CFD software tools.
  • Work closely with CFD users, analysis and performance engineers across business units to identify current bottlenecks and future requirements.
  • Be actively involved in numerical methods research and software benchmarking.
  • Provide user and CFD technical support across business units.
  • Develop best-practice guidelines and maintain the Wiki knowledge base.



  • Contribute to the aerodynamic design of the car
  • Integration of the engine and its systems into the racecar to enable aerodynamic development freedom
  • Race-event preparation to optimise the aerodynamic performance of the cooling package
  • Ownership of CFD and Wind-tunnel projects from preparation through to analysis of results
  • Develop problem solving and communication skills through working closely with engineers across the company



  • Analyse and interpret aerodynamic data from all domains (CFD, WT, track)
  • Identify and quantify key variables that drive the aerodynamic performance of the race car
  • Develop new methods and techniques for the department to analyse aerodynamic data
  • Design experiments to compare the aerodynamic response of the race car across domains
  • Work with aero development teams on linking flow field to aerodynamic performance
  • Work with software teams on developing long-term capabilities for the department


Candidates wishing to apply for a role should demonstrate an active interest in aerodynamics and be studying towards a degree within Mechanical/ Aeronautical/ Automotive/ Motorsport/ Electrical/ Systems Engineering/ Maths/ Physics/ Computer Science etc


The placement will be for 1 year, starting in the summer of 2024. To be considered for this Student Placement, please apply to this advert and submit both your CV and a one-page Cover Letter.

Not only is this a fantastic opportunity to complete your student placement at our championship winning team, but it is also a great opportunity to work with some of the greatest talents in F1. A good salary is just the start, there are many other benefits too, such as a free daily food allowance, free gym access and fitness classes, multiple discounts and offers with our partners, free barista style coffee, unlimited Red Bull and much more!

Application closing date 23:59 (BST) 6th October 2023.

Job Posting End Date

Sat, 7 Oct 2023

To apply for this job please visit