Elisabeth Moro

For this year’s International Women’s Day, we’re featuring six new interviews from inspirational women who are carving out extraordinary careers in motorsport.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

Hi, I’m Lis, I’m an engineering student and archer. In the little free time I have between study and sport I like to read, travel and go hiking.


Tell us about your dream career – what would it look like?

My primary interest at the moment is developing highly efficient engines. I would love to work in F1 or supporting companies and travel the world for work. I’m a person who dives right in so I work well in an environment with long days and long holidays.

What are you studying?

I study Automotive Engineering BSc at Politecnico di Torino. I’m 23 years old and only just started university after having worked for a few years. It’s a little daunting to be surrounded by students much younger than me but I love the course!

What’s your experience as a woman on your course?

I’m surprised to be sharing my first year journey with so many other ladies. Because of the structure of our course, all students from all forms of engineering share the first year lessons. Unfortunately I believe very few of the other ladies are on courses for mechanical types of engineering.

I’m loving the high level of integration so far, I don’t feel at all left out or underestimated as a woman in engineering. Occasionally when joining online lectures or student group chats, people do assume it’s all boys but nobody is ever rude about my correction.

Do you do any extra-curricular activities/work experience?

I train 30+ hours a week for archery, I’m hoping to reach my first international competition before I finish university. I also try to squeeze in any opportunity to do something interesting with my time.


I will be volunteering at Eurovision this year and in the summer I have a week’s work experience lined up with Mercedes HPP. I like to volunteer at Girls on Track events whenever possible, but since moving to Italy, there haven’t been many I’ve been able to attend.

Who is your favourite woman in motorsport?

Samantha Leeks. She made me feel like women in motorsports are real, they’re not just on a TV or stream.

What’s the best thing you did to get you to where you are today?

Therapy. We are all expected to know what we want from such a young age that I felt really lost. Engineering is not easy and it’s not a course that should be taken on lightly. Tackling this course requires a lot of resilience and stubbornness. Therapy really helped me develop that inner drive I needed to be sure of my choice and work through the tough times with a fire from inside me.

What’s been your highlight so far?

London E-Prix was a wonderful experience, thanks to an altered schedule from the original plan (due to CIVOD) I learnt a lot about how to approach the search for work experience and volunteering.

My mum taking an interest in my passion and coming with me to Festival of Speed was also a very special moment.

What would you say to girls who aspire to work in motorsport one day?

Don’t let anyone spoil your enthusiasm, and make sure your motivation is backed by a commitment to succeed.


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