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I started the FC project with my daughter Rachel because she’s always wanted to work in F1 but we found it really hard to find information about how to get there or what to study.  Teachers and careers advisors had no idea how to become an engineer at the pinnacle of the motorsport industry, and we felt lost and alone on our journey.

We eventually found help and things became a little clearer and less stressful, and we learned so much about the process along the way.  We figured if we were struggling so much then others were too, and so we decided there and then in the middle of our living room, to create a website to help all the other students looking to work in F1.  We didn’t want anybody else to go through the stress Rachel did in trying to figure out the path to her dream career.

Formula Careers was born three years ago, and little did we realise at the time just how many people aspire to work in this amazing industry!  Our humble website now receives over 7000 organic visitors a week from around the world (and many more when we post fresh content) and our FC page on LinkedIn has over 15,000 followers.  We receive a huge number of messages via LinkedIn or email every single day and it’s impossible to answer them all, so we decided to set up a Student Support Group on LinkedIn to bring like-minded students and industry professionals together in one space to open up a conversation about careers in F1.  This group now has over 3000 members and is growing every day, and we also maintain other social channels and a YouTube channel.

We have successfully hosted two webinars in collaboration with McLaren Racing, have collaborated on a project to bring a free enrichment course to students, and are currently working on various other similar projects.  We pride ourselves on sharing as many opportunities as we can to give people the absolute best chance of succeeding, so we’re always scouring the teams careers pages or LinkedIn to find out who is offering work experience or student placements, so we can let everybody know.

We do all of this in our spare time, completely free of charge, and we want it to stay that way.

The project has grown beyond our wildest dreams, however it’s becoming impossible to keep it going without outside support.  So I came up with the idea of creating a Patreon page so people who want to can show their appreciation by way of a monthly subscription.  Patreon is a simple platform that lets creators be supported by their followers, it’s super easy to use and can have a huge impact on a creators life by allowing them to create even more content, help more people and pay for things like website upkeep and equipment.

So what does the Formula Careers project have to do with a chocolate bar?  Well it doesn’t cost a lot to help – just the price of a chocolate bar, or a newspaper or magazine… but you’ll be playing a part in the future of the FC project and hopefully helping students all around the world for a long time to come.

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Louise & Rachel x