Izzie Holman is a Broadcast Journalism undergraduate with a passion for Formula 1, and is now the very first student Content Creator for Formula Careers as we move forward in our quest to bring the best possible opportunities and experience to students who want to work in F1.

Izzie Holman – Broadcast Journalism Undergraduate and first Content Creator for Formula Careers.

We are delighted to announce our very first student Content Creator for Formula Careers.  Izzie Holman is a Broadcast Journalism undergraduate with a passion for Formula 1.  She grew up watching the sport on TV with her Dad, and now takes great delight when her predictions come true over his.  She aspires to report on the sport or to create video content for the teams or F1.

Already on her journey she has become an award winning student radio producer and interned with a local TV station.  After starting her own F1 blog ‘Wait? Girls like F1 too?‘, she now wants to find more work experience within the industry.  Izzie will now interview people from all across the world of Formula 1 to help inspire students who are on their own path, and is helping to shape the future of Formula Careers and the opportunities we can give to students.  Izzie is an inspiration to anybody wanting to work in Broadcast Journalism within this exciting industry.

Formula Careers is not only about helping students to understand what to do and what it takes to work in Formula 1, but we’re passionate about students having opportunities and experience along the way.  We are delighted to have created a platform that can give students the experience of working within the realms of F1, and are excited to see Izzie write for Formula Careers, helping others like her to find the information they need to secure their dream job in what we consider to be the best sport in the world.

You can contact Izzie here: [email protected]

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Izzie’s Blog:
Wait? Girls Like F1 Too?


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