For the next few weeks, this fascinating series will give us a glimpse of the passionate and dedicated students who are forging a path to a successful career in F1.

Name: Amy Martin

Age:  20 years old

Country:  Wales

Dream Career:  Race Strategist or Aerodynamicist

Please introduce yourself:

Hi Everyone!

I’m Amy Martin, I’m 20 years old and I’m from North Wales. My dream job would be working within race strategy or aerodynamics in a championship-winning team. I’m currently studying Systems Engineering at the University of Warwick so I have a long way to go yet. It’s never too early to start thinking of the future and what I could do to make sure I stand out in the industry so I would like to share some things I have done so far.

Where did your passion for Formula 1 begin?

My passion for Formula One began when I entered the F1 in Schools Competition. I was the Team Manager of Tachyon, which was an all-female team! We competed in two world finals one in Singapore and the other in Texas. During the competition we designed, manufactured and marketed a miniature F1 car, we had to create an enterprise portfolio, design portfolio and a pit display as well as doing a verbal presentation. During the 2016 World Finals I was selected to be a member of the Williams F1 Engineering Academy, since then I have been mentored by various members of the Williams workforce through several units such as hydraulics, failure analysis and electronics.

Tell us about your educational path and your experience so far

Whilst working with Williams, I completed four A-Levels in Maths, Physics, English Literature and Politics. Since starting at Warwick University, I have specialised in Systems Engineering, which involves a lot of electronics, simulation and coding – all parts of engineering which appeal a lot to me! I have been very involved with the Hyperloop team at Warwick and have also done a lot of events alongside my studies. I have participated in many different events over the past few years including presenting at F1 London Live, the British Chambers of Commerce events and hosting a recent podcast with the FIA, F1 and Girls on Track UK to promote diversity within Formula one. The series focused on all different roles within Formula One from procurement to media and communications. The series can be found on the Motorsport UK Youtube page –

Who has been your inspiration?

Ruth Buscombe has always been a huge inspiration to me, I love seeing more women in the paddock every passing race weekend, and to see a woman in a prominent position on the pit wall is incredible and it motivates me to keep pushing and aiming for that seat!

What’s your biggest challenge been so far?

My biggest challenge so far has been getting opportunities and balancing my studies with events I try to do to pad out my CV. I have recently accepted a position to undergo a Corporate Banking placement with Wells Fargo, this was a huge opportunity for me and although it isn’t F1 related it will still give me skills to grow and learn in a different setting.  My advice would always be to take any opportunity that you get, even if it doesn’t relate to your dream job right now every opportunity is a chance to expand on your knowledge.

How have you coped with the pandemic and your studies?

The coronavirus situation has had a huge impact on everyone’s studies and their progress, however it has provided some opportunities that may not have come around if it wasn’t for the rise of Zoom! I have had the opportunity to do virtual judging for the F1 in Schools competition as well as some more exciting things lined up for the future. This season of F1 has really reignited the passion and the fire in me, competition is always the best way to progress and to see the top teams being challenged has truly got me excited for the future.


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