The passion for engineering and thirst of knowledge are the pillars on which I stand today.

It’s been my dream to design and engineer something amazing since 8th grade. Hence I opted for Mechanical engineering. It was in my second year of undergraduate studies when I was finally selected to be part of our university’s SAE BAJA team and since then I realized how challenging and amazing motorsports engineering is. I remember, how enthralled I was after learning the concepts of vehicle dynamics of an off-road vehicle. This motivated me so much, I wanted to do more; learn more. To challenge my intellectual knowledge and technical skills, I, along with a friend of mine, founded the first ever Formula SAE team of our university. Our Aim – Just to have a working FSAE car.

The day I saw our car running after months of hard work and sleepless nights was the pivoting point in my career where I decided I wanted to be a Motor Sports engineer

During my undergrad, the subjects that helped me were vehicle dynamics, Strength of materials, Kinematics, Fluid Dynamics, Heat Transfer and Physics. To expand my horizons of knowledge and have better opportunities, I am currently in my master’s program in Mechanical engineering at Rochester Institute of Technology, here I am learning more about aerodynamics, thermal management, system design, and have gained an in-depth understanding of Finite element analysis.

As of March 2019, I am working at Airspace Experience Technologies, as a Mechanical Engineering Intern, where I design and manufacture subsystems for our prototype aircraft. I prepare molds for our composites layup and lay them up. Besides working at my company I take time to mentor high school kids and guide students who want to pursue Mechanical engineering as a career.

My chance to enter Formula 1 will be through years of training and expertise I will be obtaining in the mechanical engineering domain. The main challenge I am facing is the cultural background I belong to, I was born and raised in India, where there are limited motorsport opportunities. I aim to be moving to Europe in order to have better chances to be part of a Motorsports team.

I aim to work at a motorsport team as a mechanical engineer designing structures/Chassis or system components, Performing stress analysis on components and Chassis.
The journey has barely begun and I am will put my maximum effort for the sport I love and I am passionate about; it isn’t going to be easy but, will be worth it.

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