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Want to work in F1? Where do your talents lie? What is your passion and what do you think you’ll be able to bring to a team to help them win races? Click the link below to find out what types of roles are available within the industry, suggested study paths, ideas about college and University, and much more.

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The Learning Hub is designed to help you maximise your chances of achieving your dream job in Formula 1.  Make sure you come back regularly to make the most of the information in the Hub, be inspired, and stay the right track.

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Aston Martin F1 Team

Visit the Formula Careers Information Portal for Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One Team, hear from Natasha Wilkinson, AMF1 Talent and Recruitment Manager, and previous placement students.

Student’s Guide to Motorsport Jobs: Degrees and Internships

Embarking on a career in motorsport can seem as challenging as it is enticing. The adrenaline rush of a roaring...

Behind the Scenes: Wellness Hacks for Every Motorsport Professional

Let's discuss an essential part of the motorsport tapestry that's not really talked about enough: wellness. Both...

The Journey to Formula 1: Embracing Experience Over Speed

Passion, they say, is the engine of ambition. It propels us forward, fuelling our dreams and desires. It's the...

Trackside Positions: A Closer Look at Motorsport Jobs on the Track

An F1 race is a spectacle of speed and precision. Let's dive into the world of F1 trackside positions, a blend of...

How to Start Your Career in Motorsport: Entry-level Motorsport Jobs

If the sounds, smells and celebrations of the victory lane stir something within you, you might find your career...

Motorsport Jobs 101: An Insight Into Careers in Racing

The roar of engines, the smell of burning rubber on asphalt, the thrilling speed - the world of motorsports captivates...

McLaren Racing 60 Scholars Programme | Empowering women into STEM | Apply today!

APPLICATIONS CLOSING SOON! McLaren Racing recently launch 60 Scholars, a new programme to encourage and support the...

Landing Your Dream Job in the Thrilling World of Motorsport

Explore various jobs in motorsport and learn how to pursue a fulfilling career in the industry, from race engineering to event coordination, with valuable tips on breaking in and advancing professionally.

ADAC SimRacing Expo 2022 Welcomes RACE Software The world of SimRacing comes together in Nuremberg: From December 1st...

Exclusive: Scuderia AlphaTauri LIVE and Interative 8hr Q&A coming soon!

Date: Wednesday 19th October 2022 Time: 9am - 5pm BST Location: Formula Careers Student Support Group, LinkedIn Theme:...

Case Studies

We talked to people all across the world of F1 and beyond to find out what it takes to work in motorsport. We also spoke to students who are working towards a career in the industry. These case studies are designed to inform and inspire you on your own journey to a career in motorsport.

Jobs in F1, Jobs in Motorsport

We keep track of the latest opportunities and share them here as soon as we get them. Check the page regularly for the release of industrial placements, work experience opportunities, graduate placement schemes, jobs in F1 and general motorsport jobs.

Ladies of Alpine

Follow along as we take a deep dive behind the scenes of Alpine F1 Team and speak to the inspirational women forging exciting careers in the industry.

The Guide to Getting Work Experience in Motorsport

Get ready for summer with our comprehensive guide on how to get vital work experience within the motorsport industry.  Includes a Cover Letter template and a Certificate of Completion for you to place on your LinkedIn profile.

This guide has been designed specifically for people who are looking to gain experience in motorsport. If you’re fed up of not knowing where to turn to get experience, struggling with a lack of experience on your CV, or wondering what to write to a motorsport company, then this course is for you.

Automotive/Motorsports Suspension and Chassis Systems - Design and Engineering Fundamentals

The RACE Software team has designed this motorsport course specifically for professionals and students looking to learn about chassis and suspension systems and what it takes to concept, design and engineer them.

Getting to grips with the topics covered in this motorsport course sets up the user perfectly to understand fundamental concepts about automotive suspensions.

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We understand how vital it is to be able to network with likeminded people in F1 and throughout the motorsport industry.

That’s why we created the Student Support Group, so you can be amongst almost 8000 other students and industry professionals to have a conversation about jobs in F1, general motorsport jobs, your current study/career path and more. Completely free of charge.