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Meet Natasha Wilkinson. Natasha heads up the Recruitment and Talent team for Aston Martin F1 Team. Here Natasha answers a selection of questions from the FC Support Group on LinkedIn:

I head up the Recruitment and Talent Team at Aston Martin F1 team. I have 25 years of agency Recruitment experience working across a number of different sectors and types of businesses.

My job is to make sure we find the best people for our Team and sometimes that means finding people with very unique skills.

‘The Student Series’

Formula Careers takes a look behind the scenes of Aston Martin Aramco Formula One Team. We meet the inspirational placement students both past and present carving their path towards a successful career in Formula 1.

Michael Leonard

R&D Placement Student

My name is Michael, and I’m from Anglesey – an island off the coast of North Wales. As is the case for many people, my passion for F1 came from a young age and mainly revolved around sitting in front of the TV on a Sunday afternoon. As I got a little bit older, I became more and more interested in the engineering side of the sport. By the time I was 12, I was set that I wanted to work in Formula 1.

Keira Byrne

Aero Performance Placement Student

I’ve just finished my third year of my four year MEng degree in Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Southampton and have started my undergraduate placement year in Aero Performance at Aston Martin F1 Team.

Scarlett Orr

Aerodynamics Placement Student

My name’s Scarlett, I recently completed a year long placement at Aston Martin Formula 1 Team in the aerodynamics department and will be returning for a summer placement in 2023.

Will Beeston

Engine Systems Design Engineer Placement Student

Formula 1 was always on the TV at home from a young age so I was naturally indoctrinated – Sunday roast followed by the F1 was usually how it went! I now study Automotive Engineering at Loughborough and am about to begin my Master’s following my year in industry with Aston Martin F1.

Molly Holmes

R&D Placement Student

I grew up watching F1 and found it very interesting and exciting. I have always had a passion for maths and physics so naturally that led me into engineering. Being able to relate the two topics and begin to understand the science and technicalities behind the sport has been very satisfying and rewarding.

Octavian Soare

Aerodynamics Placement Student

My name is Octavian, I am 22 years old and I am now on student placement with Aston Martin F1 in the aerodynamics department. I am on this placement as part of my Aerospace Engineering MSc programme, which I am attending at the TU Delft, in the Netherlands.

Industrial Placements

The application window for the 2023/24 season is now CLOSED.

Placement listings below are only shown for reference so students can study the job descriptions:


This group covers the internal and external Aerodynamics of our race cars. In this role you will help with the analysis of CFD and Wind Tunnel data to contribute to our aerodynamic development.

You will also be responsible for creating the aerodynamic shapes to improve the flow field through high level surfacing using CATIA. Finally, as part of the placement you will also be present at wind tunnel tests throughout the year to further help with development.

Trackside Support

The successful candidate would be working within the Trackside Performance group, with a direct contribution to the optimisation and operation of the cars at the circuit. Day-to-day tasks would include circuit characterisation, setup tracking and driver performance analysis.

Research & Development

R&D’s function is to test, measure and investigate all aspects of the mechanical and structural systems of the Aston Martin F1 car. This includes chassis safety and crash testing, suspension behaviour, power unit systems and cooling, wings and structural bodywork as well as brakes and driver controls.

By observing behaviour and measuring outcomes we can improve our knowledge, simulation techniques, component reliability and ultimately the performance the our racing car.

Your role will be to support our full-time engineers and help them to deliver the best possible value for the technical team. Your creativity will be constantly challenged and you will be encouraged to learn and to develop yourself to your fullest potential.

Mechanical Design

This group covers the design of both inboard and outboard suspension systems as well as driver controls such as pedal installations, brakes and steering systems. The group works closely with vehicle science and aerodynamics departments.


Involved in the design of the mechanical aspects of various electronic assemblies and packing of our on-car electrical installation and will be involved in generating efficient CAD schemes for electrical harnesses and enclosures, producing both assembly drawings and technical drawings for mechanical and composite components along with required tooling.

Performance Software

You will be contributing to the development, maintenance and support of current in-house software productions, ranging from command-line tools to desktop applications to microservices and web APIs.

Our products are used by a wide-range of AMF1’s engineers including Aero, Strategy, Simulation, Vehicle Performance and design engineers.

Vehicle Performance

The Vehicle Performance Group (VPG) is involved in both short and long term car development projects, which range from pre-event Simulator sessions with the race drivers, through to current and future car concept and design support studies with the aid of simulation and analysis tools.

Engine Systems

This group covers the design of components related to power unit and gearbox installation, utilising both metallic and composite design for the cooling system, fuel system, several auxiliary areas and associated jig & fixtures where required.

Aero R&D Design

This group has full ownership of leading development and mechanical design of new technology within the Aero Technology department and to drive improvement implementation.

Its scope covers design of wind tunnel models, systems and their associated jigs, full size dyno work to aid correlation and both full size and model scale aero testing equipment.

You will also have the opportunity to be involved in the design and development of a state-of-the-art wind tunnel model and wind tunnel systems for our new F1 Wind Tunnel Project.

Garage Equipment Design

This group reports directly to the race team and is responsible for delivering bespoke garage equipment covering many aspects of the car as well as special request projects. It also supports the pitstop crew at the factory with practice and performance development rigs.

Each role will involve extensive use of CATIA CAD software although all necessary CAD training will be provided – as well as standard Microsoft Office software.

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