🏁 My Number 1 “What NOT to Do” When Applying for Motorsport Jobs?

In motorsport, missing the small details can end your race before it even starts. Case in point: we asked for a LinkedIn profile in a job application. Simple, right? Yet, many missed it. This was no trivial request. Was it a test of attention to detail and following instructions? Possibly… these are critical skills in motorsport!

Ignoring such a basic step is a clear example of what not to do when applying for motorsport jobs. Motorsport companies, before they’ll invite you for an interview, sometimes set small tasks. Not for the information they provide but to see if candidates can follow directions accurately. It’s about proving your precision and ability to handle tasks attentively, qualities as essential off the track as on it.

So, if you’re applying for a job in motorsport, remember – the way you handle even the smallest task can significantly impact your application. Missing something as simple as including your LinkedIn profile? That can be a red flag.

To those who pay attention to detail, well done. For everyone else… in motorsport, every detail counts. Start your career on the right foot by getting the basics right, like your LinkedIn presence.

In the race for motorsport jobs, attention to detail can be the difference between the podium and being left at the starting line.