Come and enter the mind-boggling world of Travel & Logistics in Formula 1.  With 21 races spanning the globe, making sure all parts, personnel, cars and everything else needed to run a successful F1 weekend are in the right country on time is a logistical nightmare!   This is a highly demanding but equally rewarding area to work in. 


Formula 1 partner with DHL to ensure everything is where it needs to be at any given moment in time, whether that’s back at the factory, or a circuit on the other side of the world.  Each F1 team have a number of key personnel vital to the successful movement of people and goods around the globe.
Disclaimer – the information below is not intended to be a replacement for professional careers advice.


  • A member of the travel and logistics team is likely to be a highly organised person.
  • Will thrive at working as part of a team, and will be self motivated.
  • Have great communication skills and thrive at working under pressure.
  • Have the ability to create strong relationships.
  • Enjoy helping others, being successful, and working under strict guidelines.
  • Will enjoy planning and managing projects.
  • Being able to multi-task is a good skill to have in this department, as well as immaculate attention to detail!


There are a wide variety of roles available within the Travel and Logistics department of a Formula 1 team, spanning different departments.  Two of these roles might be:

  • Logistics Coordinator This type of role will typically involve shipping parts and equipment all around the world.
  • Travel Coordinator This is typically a role that is responsible for booking and arranging the global travel for the team, including flights, hotels and transfers.

With regards to the Logistics Department, there are a multitude of people within these departments who work at the guidance of the coordinators to make things happen on the ground, from driving trucks to and from circuits to assembling the motorhomes.  However these key personnel don’t always work directly for the Formula 1 teams, and may work for specialised Logistics companies.

Here is an interesting link to the assembly of the motorhome/hospitality area for the Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 team.


Listed below are some study paths you could consider if you want to work within Travel and Logistics in Formula 1.  However please make sure you also speak with your school/college/University careers advisor who will be able to provide help and support to you during this important time.



Other subjects that would be of benefit include:
Modern Foreign Languages
Business Studies

A Levels:

Although A Levels are not absolutely essential to a career in travel and logistics, further study is recommended to help you progress and become the best you can be!  There are many people wanting to work for a Formula 1 team, so generally the more skilled and knowledgeable you can become, the better chance you have of landing your dream role, and the more you will have to offer your future employer and make your own mark on the industry.  Because no matter what role you choose in F1, you are still a vital piece of the puzzle, each piece being just as important as the next.

Travel and Tourism
Modern Foreign Languages
Business Studies

If you intend to go to University, please check with the admissions department of your preferred University to ensure that the A Level subjects you choose are acceptable for the course you wish to take, before you choose which A Levels you’d like to do. 

Further information on choosing the right A Levels for your future aspirations can be found here:


There are many different types of UK University courses on offer if you are interested in a future career in travel and logistics.  Like A Levels, a University degree is only applicable depending upon your desired role.   University Courses to consider (in no particular order):


University of Surrey – International Tourism Management
University of Brighton – International Tourism Management


University of Derby – Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Universities and Colleges Admissions Service

The Student Room

Understanding the Logistics of F1

Sky Sports – The Logistics of F1



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