No race could take place without the presence of the marshalling teams.  These often unsung volunteers are responsible for the safety and security of the action on track, being responsible for the drivers who are competing, and making sure members of the public stay at a safe distance.  Marshals are right up close to the action, and are a vital part of anything that happens on track. They are stationed in various parts of the circuit, and are on the scene at the first sign of a danger or a collision.  However, you won’t find marshals just on the race track, they also play a vital role throughout the pitlane and the paddock too.  This is a demanding yet hugely rewarding position to hold, and a rewarding journey that can start from a young age.


If you’re thinking of becoming a marshal in F1, there are a few things to consider.  You will have a deep passion for the sport you are giving your time to, and eager to be an integral piece of the puzzle that makes Formula 1 the spectacle that it is.  You will be willing to work through the marshalling ranks from the ground up, for example at local race tracks, eventually reaching the dizzy heights of Formula 1.  Hopefully the following information will help you when it comes to deciding whether or not volunteering to become a marshal is right for you. Disclaimer – the information below is not intended to be a replacement for professional careers advice.


  • A marshal will have a real passion for the sport.
  • You will enjoy helping others.
  • You don’t mind an adrenaline rush as you will be right up close to the action!  
  • Not afraid of hard, manual work, long hours and standing on your feet for most of the day!
  • The ability to remain calm and level headed in stressful situations and differing weather conditions!
  • The ability to follow rules and guidance.
  • Great communication skills and a willingness to get involved.
  • The ability to thrive under pressure.


There are a variety of roles available within the world of Marshalling.  These might include:

  • Incident Officer
  • Rescue Unit Crew
  • Trackside Marshal
  • Spectator Marshal


BMMC (British Motorsport Marshalling Club) is the largest marshalling organisation in the world.  It was founded in 1957 and now has more than 1750 members young and old with one thing in common – a real passion for motorsport.  Being a member of BMMC also allows you to become a member of BRMC (British Rally Marshals Club).  Full training is provided on a continuous basis.  If you are interested in marshalling, why not try a taster day?


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Carole Brackley
Startline Marshal

“I love gridding up…armed with a formation sheet, we go out onto the track and guide drivers to their correct position for the start.  Once they are correctly placed we help clear the track ready for the warm up lap and then stand aside.  We are armed with a yellow warning, flat to signal to drivers further back that a car has a problem starting.  Keep reading…