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Formula 1, and motorsport in general, is a very IT dependent industry. If you watch the races, you will see banks of engineers both at the track and in the factory pouring over data on their laptops. Imagine what IT requirements are needed to power not only the hardware and software, but also to handle the gigabytes of data created during a race weekend.


If you’re thinking of pursuing a career within IT in F1, there are a few things to consider, and you need to make sure that a career in IT matches your interests and skills.  Hopefully the following information will help you when it comes to deciding on the right career path for you. Disclaimer – the information below is not intended to be a replacement for professional careers advice.


  • An IT engineer with typical have a mathematical or analytic mindset, and will be drawn to science led subjects such as maths and physics.
  • You are likely to have an interest in problem solving and how things work
  • You will have a keen interest in IT already and be digitally focused.
  • You thrive on pressure and don’t mind working long hours.
  • You are also competitive, and want to be the best you can be.
  • You’re a team player, but can also work equally well on your own.


There are a variety of roles available within the IT department of a Formula 1 team.  These might include:

  • IT Support Engineer This type of role will typically involve supporting the IT network within a team. This may be looking after hardware and software at the factory or head office, or even at track side.
  • Network Engineers This role may involve the building and maintenance of the networks connecting the offices, tracks and data centres.
  • IT Manager This is normally a management type of position where you may look after a team of IT people and be responsible for the budgets in your department.


Typically to work in IT in Formula 1, you will have a keen interest and a natural talent for technology or a science subject.  Listed below are some study paths you could consider.  However please make sure you also speak with your school/college/University careers advisor who will be able to provide help and support to you during this important time.


Information Technology
Design and Technology
Computer Science

A Levels:

Computer Science

If you intend to go to University, please check with the admissions department of your preferred University to ensure that the A Level subjects you choose are acceptable for the course you wish to take, before you choose which A Levels you’d like to do. 

Further information on choosing the right A Levels for your future aspirations can be found here:


There are many different types of UK University courses on offer if you are interested in a future career in IT.  

University Courses to consider (in no particular order):

University of Manchester – Computer Science
University of Keele – Computer Science
Imperial College London – Computing (AI & Machine Intelligence)
University of Surrey – Computer Science


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