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If you’re thinking of becoming an aerodynamicist in F1, there are a few things to consider, and you need to make sure that a career in aerodynamics matches your interests and skills.  Hopefully the following information will help you when it comes to deciding on the right career path for you. 

Disclaimer – the information below is not intended to be a replacement for professional careers advice.

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 The FC Charter:

Raising the Industry Standard

What it is, and what it means for you


The FC Charter was created by the students, for the students, as a way to raise standards throughout the motorsport industry.  It has four clear goals:

  • To improve relations and maintain high standards of communication to students studying for a career in F1 and the wider motorsport industry.
  • To encourage all companies within motorsport and its periphery to provide an expected level of help and support to students wanting to work in motorsport.
  • Motorsport companies agree to adhere to FC guidelines for keeping students well informed during the interview process, providing opportunities for work experience where possible, and providing good opportunities for industrial placements and more.
  • To encourage companies to work with Formula Careers to showcase all opportunities available to students.

Look for the Charter Member symbol on company websites to know who is working closely with us to help raise the industry standard.  Search through our directory to find Charter Members who have pledged to provide a high level of support to students wanting to enter the industry.