5 MODULES / 27 LESSONS / 1 QUIZ / PRICE: Free of charge

RACE Software has designed this course to help anybody who is interested in understanding how to design and develop a suspension system. Getting to grips with the topics covered in this course sets up the student perfectly to understand fundamental concepts about designing automotive suspensions and the Key Performance Indicators used in RACE Software and the wider industry.

About This Course:

RACE (Rapid Axle Concept Evolution) is an end-to-end MBS (multibody simulation) software package for the development of suspension systems. It combines model build, model parameterization, post-process, data storage, and report generation into a single platform. It is cloud-based, requires no software installation, and can be run from a web browser on any computer, phone, or tablet.

RACE Software has been providing knowledge and guidance to help educate students and gain valuable expert knowledge in the past years. The educational platform has been proven as being the world’s most-accessed source of information for suspensions and chassis knowledge.

RACE Software has partnered with Formula Careers to bring first-hand access to the “Automotive Suspension and Chassis Systems Design and Engineering Fundamentals” course. All successful students, besides the valuable knowledge they acquire, will also be awarded a certificate of completion.

Curriculum Includes:

-Course Quiz

This course is suitable for:

-Anybody with an understanding of Maths and Physics and an interest in Automotive.
-Anybody who wants to work in motorsports and the wider automotive spectrum, to help gain an all-round understanding of designing a vehicle suspension and chassis system.
*Internet access is required

TIME SENSITIVE: Initial enrolment for this course is for one month from Monday 7th June to Sunday 4th July 2021

Support Group

Dedicated LinkedIn Support Group for course discussion and networking opportunities.

How long will it take?

We expect you to be able to work through and complete the course at your own pace within one week.  There is no live-attendance required.


A digital certificate will be available to download upon successful completion of the course.