Formula Student

Formula Student is a global student engineering competition run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.  It’s held annually, and gives undergraduates an invaluable experience of working as a team to design, build, test and compete against other teams with their own race car.  Formula Student gives students hands-on practical knowledge of the skills needed to work in the motorsport industry, and is one of the first things you should sign up for when starting University if you want a career in Formula 1!

Formula Student is highly valued within the motorsport industry, and many students who have taken part are now working within Formula 1.  An opportunity not to be missed!

Why is Formula Student so important?

Formula Student gives students a taster of what it takes to work in Formula 1.  The skills learned and experience gained is highly prized when it comes to applying for industrial placements and your first job within a Formula 1 team.

Formula Student


I first encountered Formula Student whilst at the Autosport International Show at the NEC in Birmingham during the January of 2013 whilst evaluating university choices. I was already considering studying Motorsport Engineering at Oxford Brookes university, but my decision was compounded when I met with the Oxford Brookes Racing Formula Student Team.”  

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Will Barker

Junior Design Engineer, Racing Point Formula 1 Team

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