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Suspension Performance Tuning

using Multibody Simulation Software

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   After the resounding success of Chassis Design and Engineering Fundamentals for which over 1400 students have already enrolled, we are delighted to announce the release of the latest course from one of the world’s leading authorities on Automotive/Motorsport suspension systems.

The RACE Software team has designed this course specifically for professionals and students looking to improve their chassis and suspension systems knowledge and what it takes to conceptualise, design and engineer an optimal suspension system. Getting to grips with the modules and exercises covered in this course sets up the user perfectly to tune and optimise automotive suspensions.

The course comes with one FREE month of the Standard Software Level.

RACE Software has partnered with Formula Careers to bring first-hand access to the “Suspension Performance Tuning using Multibody Simulation Software” course. All successful students, besides the valuable knowledge they acquire, will also be awarded a Certificate of Achievement.

What you will learn
You will learn the basics of suspension performance tuning (kinematics and compliance) through a mix of theory and hands-on exercises using suspension multibody simulation software

An internet connection
A web browser (no software installation required)
Basic knowledge of physics (forces and moments)
Basic knowledge of maths (geometry and 3D coordinates)

This course is suitable for:

  • Anybody with an understanding of Maths and Physics and an interest in Automotive.
  • Anybody who wants to work in motorsports and the wider automotive spectrum, to help gain an all-round understanding of designing a vehicle suspension and chassis system.
    *Internet access is required

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*This is a paid partnership with RACE Software.
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More information

You’ll receive a Certificate of Achievement once you have completed the course

How long will it take?

We expect you to be able to work through and complete the course at your own pace within two weeks.  There is no live-attendance required.


A digital certificate will be available for you to download once you have successfully completed the course.

Suspension Performance Tuning

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