Events in the United Kingdom

Exciting events taking place throughout the country

Events relating to a career within Formula 1

One of the things we have found challenging is knowing about all the different events that take place that would be a valuable addition to our knowledge base and also sometimes our CV too.  We have missed so many great events simply because we didn’t know about them!  So we scour social media channels and websites to list as many as we can, here in one place.  If you hear of an event taking place and we don’t have it here on our website, please get in touch so we can include it on the calendar and make others aware.  Team work makes the dream work!

One word of warning – whilst we try so hard to make sure all information on this events page is bang up to date, sometimes a date or venue can change and we’re unaware of it.  So always check details with the venue in question and don’t just take our word for it!