“We started our Formula Careers project because there was little to no information to help the next generation of students figure out their study path into the industry.  We vowed to make it easier, clearer, and highlight all the opportunities that we missed when it was our time.”

It’s hard to believe that what started as a little project in our spare time as a mother and daughter, now reaches students across the globe.  We hope it helps many students on their journey towards a fulfilling and exciting career in motorsport, for many years to come.

Formula Careers is brought to you free of charge and we want it to always remain that way.  So if you like our project and want to help support us with maintenance and development, please consider making a donation.


£5 helps us to

Keep our servers and computers going, so we can continue to bring great content to you.

£50 helps us to

Purchase equipment to create a YouTube channel, so that we can provide webinars and training with industry experts, create video interviews and do things like enable students to share their own vlogs.

£15 helps us to

Create educational packs for schools and colleges, to be able to reach more students and teachers, and help children to feel less alone and more supported in their desire to work in motorsport.

£100 helps us to

Sponsor a number of students to participate in paid, premium enrichment courses.  Creat fun and exciting competitions with schools and colleges on social media via our educational packs, and be able to offer great prizes.

£25 helps us to

Create more free enrichment courses that will help to upskill students, bring more opportunities, and help them to become stronger candidates in the future.

Larger donations would help us to

Attend careers fairs, travel to events to promote Formula Careers to students, participate in events to give students advice face-to-face, consider sponsorship for Formula Student teams, and so much more!

Louise and Rachel created Formula Careers to help students all over the world to figure out their study path into the pinnacle of motorsport. Since it's conception as a project they run in their spare time, it has developed beyond all expectation. Within the last few months, not only has Formula Careers grown way beyond what a wonderful and enriching full time job would be, but the creative ideas have flowed too. And in order to achieve its full potential, and to be able to keep this amazing project running, we are inviting you to contribute towards its future. Thank you for taking the time to consider supporting our project!