Raoul Popescu-Ghimis

RACE Software

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Today we have an interview with one of the quiet giants of the motorsport industry. Working with automotive manufacturers and motorsport teams around the world, normally within an extremely confidential capacity, we managed to glean at least a little information on the man behind RACE Software!

Hi Raoul, can you tell me a little about yourself and when you realised you wanted to follow a career in motorsport?


From a very early age I had an inclination towards things with wheels. I am the guy with the white beanie! As I grew up I used to build, repair and race go karts and motorbikes which gave me the momentum towards the path I was going to follow.

I’ve been working in the automotive and motorsport industry since leaving University. From 2020 I have been leading the team at RACE Software, a company where innovation thrives in each part of the business.


What did you study and where?


After I completed 3 years at Politehnica University of Bucharest in automotive engineering I was admitted in the final year to Coventry University in 2008 where I focused my studies on motorsport engineering. After graduating with 1st Class (Honours) I continued my education with a master’s degree in vehicle dynamics, graduating from Coventry University in 2010 with a Distinction.



Was your journey a straightforward one?

I believe if you are truly dedicated 7 days a week you will be able to achieve any goal you set, even if the route is full of challenges, be consistent and focus on your goal. I graduated as somebody from outside the UK, so I required a work permit. It was also in the economic recession. So in theory it was one of the worst case scenarios, but still I managed to make it through straight after graduation.

Can you tell me a little about your work experience to date?


I received great support from my lecturers at Coventry University in order to help me find my first job after University. After I graduated I started working for an automotive and motorsports company in Norfolk with a focus on F1 and hypercar chassis developments while also working on passenger vehicle developments.

After a year with this company I resigned and I opened my own LTD Company and I started working with two automotive companies in Warwickshire.

From 2020 I focused all my attention on building RACE Software to what is today.

More about Raoul in the following documentary filmed in 2015: https://vimeo.com/199371030/c4c24e4389


Can you explain RACE Software to us? What kind of work does the RACE Software team do?


RACE (Rapid Axle Concept Evolution) is an end-to-end MBS (multibody simulation) software package for the development of suspension systems. It combines model build, model parameterization, post-process, data storage, and report generation into a single platform. It is cloud-based, requires no software installation and can be run from a web browser on any computer, phone or tablet. Basically, you can run in the cloud a complete MBS K&C (kinematics and compliance) analysis for a suspension system in less than 60 seconds!

We work with all kinds of companies, some of which are at the pinnacle of motorsport, and we also work with Universities and Formula Student teams too!

What I love the most is the freedom we have to be creative. Of course we always have some constraints to respect, but as long as the solution you come up with is an improvement, it’s likely it will become reality.

The team at RACE Software is quite a versatile one, from the tech guys who focus on developing the next stages of the software and helping to create unique courses, to the engineers who help delivering projects, to the legal team who negotiate contracts and to our motorsport champion athletes.

What’s been your biggest achievement so far?


I believe this is an ongoing process. My first achievement in my early career was an award for my project “Effects on Motorcycles of Structural Flexibility and Rider Dynamics using Multibody System Methods”. I am also proud to say I was behind such developments as the Jaguar F-Type chassis from concept to production, and other similar but confidential projects including for F1, but perhaps my biggest achievement is my team. Without their trust and expert knowledge we would not have achieved all we have to this day. A massive thank you to everyone I am working with!

At RACE we have a division, called iRACE focused on engineering digital twins for simulators and esports, which have helped all our athletes to be at the top.




What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever been involved in with RACE Software, if you can talk about it!

We have engagements with various companies including in Formula 1.

I think a great project that we have been involved with in the past 2 years is re-engineering the Jaguar E-Type with our clients to develop an all new chassis. CAD, FEA, MBS all adequate tools have been used to engineer the vehicle using today’s latest tools.

The E-Type features a space frame structure with RACE Software designed front and rear double wishbone suspension systems, a Titan steering rack and AP Racing brakes just to give a glimpse into the project. The vehicle is now into manufacturing and very soon an article will be made public about this project.


Tell us about your latest course!


Our latest course which has been released this month, is Suspension Performance Tuning using Multibody Simulation Software. This teaches the principles of suspension performance tuning (kinematics and compliance) through a mix of theory and hands-on exercises using suspension multibody simulation software.

The course teaches how to setup and tune Suspension Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) used in the automotive and motorsport industries. It takes the student through concepts such as brake steer, bump camber, camber compliance and more. Also this course comes with one FREE month access to our standard level software.

At the end of the course, the student will have learned what it takes to conceptualise, design and engineer an optimal suspension system.

The course and the software is cloud based, requires no software installation and you can study at your own pace.

We believe the way the course has been designed is unique and it differentiates from what is out in the market. And, for example, it can really enhance your general studies! Once the course is complete, we issue a Certificate of Completion. This industry recognised certificate can be uploaded to a students’ LinkedIn profile and the details included in their CV to alert potential employers to the knowledge and enrichment they’ve received through our courses.


What made you want to create a course for students looking to work in motorsport?


There is a gap in the available education material for people wanting to learn about suspension design and development using MBS software. Our course mixes theory and practical hands-on tuning.

Something that can take you many years to learn, and that’s if you can figure out the right people to be around to teach it to you, can now be done in a fraction of the time, let’s say in a week or two.

Do you have plans to make more courses in the future?

Bringing knowledge in a concise, productive and efficient manner, just like our software, is really important to us so yes we plan to create more courses. We listen to our students and educational partners such as Formula Careers to follow up with courses that fits our students needs and that are fit for an evolving market.

Where can students find more information on the course?

This Black Friday weekend our latest, ground-breaking course is available with 65% off: Suspension Performance Tuning using Multibody Simulation Software

Our original course which has 50% off this weekend: Chassis Design and Engineering Fundamentals


Our education partners are carefully chosen by the Formula Careers team. If you purchase something through our links on this page, we may earn an affiliate commission, at no cost to you. We only recommend products we genuinely love and believe in!