RACE Software x Formula Careers Academic Programme

Welcome to the MBS Software of the future for suspension design, chassis development and tuning!

What is RACE Software?

RACE (Rapid Axle Concept Evolution) is an end-to-end MBS (multibody simulation) software package for the development of suspension systems. It combines model build, model parameterization, post-process, data storage, and report generation into a single platform. It is cloud-based, requires no software installation and can be run from a web browser on any computer, phone or tablet.  What’s more, it can achieve in 60 seconds what traditional software can take six months to produce.

Thanks to RACE Software’s state-of-the-art, cloud-based software, academic institutions around the world can now design, develop and test vehicle suspensions systems without the need for excessive and time-consuming coding, therefore giving students more time to ‘engineer’.

“For example, with traditional software you can spend 90% of the time coding and developing the capability and 10% of the time on engineering, while with RACE Software it is the other way around. If you have the front and rear suspension data of the vehicle you can build it in RACE Software in around 30min-2h. After this you can focus on simulating and engineering the vehicle further, rather than coding.” – RACE Software CEO.

How does it work?

RACE requires user inputs to define the layout and tuning of the suspension system.  Once the inputs are submitted by the user, the RACE pre-processor builds a full suspension multibody simulation (MBS).  RACE then runs a virtual kinematics and compliance (K&C) test cycle on the suspension system.  The K&C test applies vertical, roll, steering, cornering, traction and braking loads to the suspension system and the response of the system to each is recorded.  The raw simulation output is exported to a post-processor which generates a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to analyse the performance of the suspension system.  These KPIs form the basis of the RACE Software suspension performance report which is generated and uploaded to the user’s account for review.  You can watch some videos of the software in action here:

What are the benefits to your University?

Compared to other tools, RACE Software is miles ahead. It is a lot easier to learn, a lot quicker to set up and a lot better suited to modern agile and iterative design and development approaches. And did we say it was way more reasonably priced? That’s right! RACE Software’s mission is to empower the world with tools to achieve the most out of our machines. And the RACE Software team would like to make the tool available to as many users as possible and not restrict it to large corporate customers and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Benefits to Formula Student teams:

– Low cost: significant cost reduction compared to similar software
– Easy and straightforward to understand: no MBS experience required
– Spend a lot less time coding and much more time engineering
– Ready to use: simply input the data and students are ready to go
– Reduced carbon footprint

To order your licenses or get more information on licensing options, please complete the form and our Parternships Manager will contact you.

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What students from your university will receive:

  • Access to the RACE Software platform
  • Access to the RACE Software education portal (ranking 1st in its sector)
  • An exclusive LinkedIn Group for students and professionals to discuss the software and network with like-minded individuals
  • A feature on the Formula Careers website for your Formula Student team, and shared throughout the FC platform, providing huge exposure and reaching thousands of potential new students, peers and industry professionals
  • A feature of your team and vehicle on RACE Software posts

RACE Software levels


Run on any device from a web browser

No software install

No multibody simulation (MBS) experience required

No post processing required

Cloud based results and report storage

Dedicated secured member portal


Rapid suspension design iteration

Suspension concept evaluation

Suspension concept refinement

Suspension concept fine tuning


Kinematics and compliance (K&C)

Generic quasi-static loads - Coming Soon

Advanced quasi-static loads - Coming Soon

User defined analysis, metrics and reports


Linear bushes/joints

Rigid components

Simple spring and damper model

Simplified anti-roll bar

Nonlinear bushes/joints

Flexible components

Detailed spring and damper model

Detailed anti-roll bar

Compliantly mounted subframes

User defined model

















Pricing Table

RACE Software & FS Sim Racing Series

Is your team taking part in FS Sim Racing Series?
Use RACE Software to engineer the best virtual and physical setups as used by some of the world’s top racing drivers!

Does your team wish to build a 1:1 Assetto Corsa model?

RACE Software is here to help

About RACE Software and Formula Careers

RACE Software has at its core an expert and diverse team of people with global recognitions. Their mission is to empower the world with tools to achieve the most out of our machines.  Formula Careers are at the leading edge of student development, enrichment and support on the road to a career in motorsport.  The project sets out to guide students from a young age to enhance their skillset to be ready to enter this rapidly-evolving industry.


RACE has a flexible, adaptable and driven team that is obsessive about bringing innovative solutions to every challenge our customers might encounter – in automotive, motorsports, e-sports, education and beyond. RACE set high goals  and work hard to achieve them, on time, to specification and on budget.


Sustainability has been at the heart of RACE from the beginning, providing a scalable product and service for their customers. With this in mind they have been able to ensure companies and race teams can further develop their vehicles on time, innovatively, whilst reducing emissions in physical testing.

Their initiative to further reduce CO2 emissions within simulation has been achieved by reducing the time, manpower and computing power needed to conduct testing virtually.



Formula Careers is the exclusive education partner for RACE Software, providing education solutions to academic institutions and delivering enrichment opportunities via e-learning to students worldwide.