We need your help!  Do you work in Formula 1?  Then we would love for you to fill in the form below and help inspire the next generation!

You see, we’re on a mission to get more information out there about how youngsters can forge a path to a career in Formula 1.  We are:

  • Informing 11-18+yr olds on the variety of roles available in the F1 industry.
  • Discussing study paths relevant to the role, ie GCSE’s/A’Levels/University, etc.
  • Showcasing important events that take place throughout the year like STEM days, University residential courses, volunteering opportunities, motorshows, etc, to ensure students don’t miss any opportunity to enhance their knowledge, build their CV and network.
  • Inspiring by ensuring they can read stories from real people already working in the industry – that’s your part!
  • Sharing advice about CV building, work experience, networking, revising and more!

But we can’t do it without you.  Thanks to your support, YOU are helping to inspire the next generation with your stories about how you got to where you are today.  You might not think your story is all that special, but to someone dreaming of doing what you do, it’s priceless information which gives them hope that they too can go on to achieve something similar one day.  All you need to do is to fill in the questions below that are relevant to you and they will be added to our website for our visitors to read.  And that’s it, done!

Thank you, we are so grateful to you for your help. The information will be invaluable to those who are on this path.


By filling in this form, you agree to the information you supply being used on our website.  If you do NOT agree to this, please do not complete the questionnaire below, and simply close this web page.  Thank you!  Any queries, or if you ever wish to have your information removed, simply send me an email: louise@formulacareers.com.

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